Yoga Class this Sunday, January 7th 2018

OM Namah Sivaya 

ૐ Dear Yogis, 

First of all let me wish you a happy new year 2018!! May it bring you joy, health and success in all your endeavors! 🙂 

Let’s start the new year with a Yoga class this Sunday, January 7th at 18.30h to shake off last years burdens and bring in fresh new energy through the practise of asanas and pranayama! 

Our regular Friday evening classes will resume January 12th. See you there! 

Anna Omkari


“An asana is a posture which acts on a specific pressure area, thereby releasing the built-up energy, or Prana. In your physical body, the flow of energy takes place through your nerves; in the astral body, the flow of Prana takes place in the nadis, or meridians. Sometimes blockages develop in the nadis so that the Prana accumulates and does not flow; in other areas there may be insufficient Prana. Yogic exercises release this energy by applying pressure through placing the body in various positions, or asanas.”
(Swami Vishnudevananda)

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